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HERON ΕΝ.Α: Energy Independence for all

HERON presents to the Greek market, in co-operation with TERNA ENERGY Group, "HERON EN.A", a pioneering, innovative program through which consumers acquire energy independence, by significantly reducing, or even zeroing, the cost of their energy on an annual basis.

HERON ΕΝ.Α: Energy Independence for all.

HERON presents to the Greek market, in co-operation with TERNA ENERGY Group, "HERON EN.A", a pioneering, innovative program through which consumers acquire energy independence, by significantly reducing, or even zeroing, the cost of their energy on an annual basis.

The innovation of the EN.A. program lies in the fact that all consumers (with low voltage supply), regardless of whether they are owners or tenants of a property, can benefit from the advantages of net power generation (exclusively from renewable electricity sources), without the burden of installing and maintaining of one photovoltaic system. In practice, by participating in the ΕΝ.Α with the amount of his choice, every consumer buys for up to 25 years the corresponding net energy production which is obtained in cooperation with TERNA ENERGY, thus achieving a discount on his electricity bill, as if he had a photovoltaic installed on his roof. In essence, the consumer, with his initial payment, which subsequently is capable of being increased, he enjoys with the current data in the energy market an 8.5% "efficiency" (the "performance" varies depending on the energy prices). In this way, depending on the amount of participation in the EN.A. program, the cost of electricity is reduced or even zeroed. At the same time, all participants in the EN.A program actively contribute to the global revolution of clean energy, but also to the major national effort to reduce gaseous pollutants, to address the impacts of climate change, to protect the environment and to improve the quality of life. 

ΕΝ.Α is a product of the strategic cooperation of two leading Groups in the energy field, the HERON Group, the first private Group to invest in thermal electricity generation and supply in Greece, and the TERNA ENERGY Group, the largest investor and producer in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in Greece, and also the largest Greek RES Group internationally. Through this cooperation, energy from existing and future PV and wind farms in Greece will be reserved for HERON customers who will participate in the project.

The EN.A. program is combined with all HERON’ s competitive commercial programs, both current and future, while in the case that someone decides to discontinue participation in the program, the amount of participation shall be reimbursed except for the EN.A discounts which have already been received by the same during the stay in the program.  Participations in EN.A. will keep an order of priority due to limited availability.

Giorgos Peristeris, President and Managing Director of the GEK TERNA Group, said: "We are proud of this specific cooperation between the two companies HERON and TERNA ENERGY. With this program we are managing to address a two-dimensional problem: the increased energy consumption needs and simultaneously the increase of the corresponding environmental cost. The shift towards renewable energy sources is a one-way street and TERNA ENERGY, the largest producer of RES in the country, is investing steadily in them and is making them more accessible to consumers."

Giorgos Kouvaris, President of the HERON Group, stated in this regard: "Today, the benefits of RES energy production cease to be a privilege of the few. With the new EN.A. program, the HERON Group delivers the power of the sun and wind to the hands of all consumers, putting energy independence into practice and laying the basis for a “greener” Greece. From now on, each of us is able to “produce” the energy which is consumed by us and is able to contribute to the protection of the environment. We are optimistic that consumers will understand the value of our new and truly innovative program and that they will embrace it”.

Giorgos Daniolos, Managing Director of the HERON Group added: "Our customers are now becoming producers themselves”. With the EN.A they participate in the global clean energy revolution and in the fight against the impacts of climate change. At the same time, they contribute to the achievement of the national target for the production of energy from renewable sources, with great economic benefit and without any commitment”.



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