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HERON bills list all your charges in a clear way and provide full details for all other side costs. This allows you to know exactly what you are paying for and how it benefits you in a plain, simple and comprehensible manner.


Below you will find the basic charges that consumers see in their bills.

Electronic Delivery Point Identification Code (IKASP in Greek)

The electronic delivery point identification code is the 14-digit code identifying the point of supply of natural gas and is unique for each location.

kWh Consumption

This is the amount of natural gas consumption recorded during the previous period. It is calculated in kWh according to the calculation of total Nm3 with the value of average higher heating value.

Consumption in Nm3

This amounts to the total normal cubic metres (Nm3) as calculated by the cubic metres of consumption (m3) and the correction factor.

Average Higher Heating Value (HHV)

The average high heating value is the average energy emitted by the burning of 1 Nm3 of natural gas under normal conditions.

Period Supply Rate

This is the rate that corresponds to gas kWh consumed for a specified period. Its value results from multiplying the quantity of natural gas consumed (in kWh) with the supply price.

Total Amount of Natural Gas Supply

This is the total charge for the quantity of gas consumed, including the discount and the fixed rate.


These are tariffs that apply to all clients regardless of the supplier.

Transmission Tariff

This tariff covers the costs of using the transmission network, i.e. the cost of supplying gas to high-pressure networks. It is collected by natural gas suppliers and paid to the operator of the Hellenic Natural Gas Transmission System (DESFA in Greek). This cost results according to the Basic Pricing Regulation of the Hellenic Natural Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA), the Code of Management of the Natural Gas Transmission System and the ESFA Users’ Pricelist, as they are in force at the time.

Distribution Capacity Tariff

This is a fixed tariff for using the distribution network, collected by natural gas suppliers and paid to the operators of the distribution networks. This tariff is calculated according the capacity of the meters / tanks installed in delivery points.

Distribution Power Tariff

This is a tariff charged in proportion of the use of the distribution network, collected by natural gas suppliers and paid to the operators of the distribution networks (natural gas distribution companies – EDA in Greek). The distribution power tariff is calculated according to the quantity of consumption.


This section fully describes additional tariffs, fees and taxes according to the provisions of the current legal framework.

Special Consumption Tax (EFK in Greek)

This is a special tax (stipulated according to article 36 of Law 3986/2011, published in the Official Government Gazette (FEK) of the Hellenic Republic 152/vol.A) imposed on the total kWh consumed and it is equal to 0.005400 €/kWh.

Special 0.5% Duty

This is a duty in favour of Customs operations (DETE in Greek) equal to 0.5% on the total tariff for energy, transmission, distribution and EFK (according to Law 2093/1992). This duty is not subject to VAT.

Penalty for Early Departure

This penalty is charged if the consumer departs prior to the expiry of the supply agreement.

Arrears Interest

This interest is imposed in cases of late payment of bills. The respective amounts are charged according to the interest rates determined by the Bank of Greece.

Fee for Safety of Supply

This is a fee that HERON is obliged to collect in actual consumption bills and afterwards pay to the operation of the National Natural Gas Transmission System, in accordance with the provisions of Law 4001/2011.

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