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HERON is capable of answering all your questions, allowing you to go through your daily routines without fuss or trouble, and without wasting your time and energy. Are you interested in finding out everything about e-Bill? Look no further!

What is e-bill?

E-bill is the electronic message that lists the details of your bill.

How do I activate e-bill?

If you are a new subscriber, you can choose to reveive your bill in electronic format when subscribing to a HERON program. In addition, you can activate the e-bill through your account at myHERON or by calling HERON's customer care

Is there any charge?

No, the change from printed to electronic bill is free of charge.

Why should I activate e-bill?

Because doing so reduces the use of paper, therefore it is good for the environment, while it also saves you time from having to store printed bills. The electronic bill also ensures that your personal data is protected.

Will I continue to receive printed bills once I subscribe to e-Bill?

No. If you select e-bill, you will receive your bill via e-mail. By subscribing to myHERON you will also be able to check your bill history online, and if you wish, you can download and save your bill files.

Is e-Bill available for more than one supply connections?

Yes, it is available for all your supply connections.

If I subscribe, will I have access to bills for other properties, which are issued in the name of another member of my family, such as my spouse?

No, because when you subscribe, you register you personal identification details (Tax Identification Number of ID card / Passport number), therefore you can only access the bills which are issued in your name.

If I switch from printed to electronic bill or vice versa, how long it takes before this change becomes effective?

Normally, it takes 1 working day for our system to be updated with your new choice (printed or electronic bill). However, if you register your choice on the date of issuance of your bill or on the day after your bill is issued, it will become effective as of the next scheduled issuance of your bill.

What is the monthly bill?

You can choose to receive 3 monthly estimated consumption bills and one actual consumption bill, which will be issued every four months. This gives you better control over your consumption, while you can also save money by regulating your energy profile.

*This option will not be available for certain categories of business supply connections.

Can someone else gain access to my electronic bill?

The electronic bill protects your personal data and is sent to the contact details which you have stated.

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